Annual Report

$499-$100 (cont.)
Ms. M Minnich and Mr. Peter Parsil
Ms. Nancy Minoski
Ms. Monika Misiuta
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mondock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moyer
Nestor Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Peyton
O’Donnell and Phillips Family Dentistry
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Overcash
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Parson
Mr. Gregory Paul
Mr. David Pegg
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Peterman
Ms. Laura Pontz
Dr. William E. Poole
Mr. Frederick Porter
Mr. and Mrs. David Pusey
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Putt
Dr. David Reeder
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Renna
Law Office of Roger Renteria
Dr. Keith Richmond
Dr. Paul Ripple
Dr. John Robertson
Ms. Anita Roger-Fields
Ms. Denise Ronan
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rostolsky
Dr. Michael Roth
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Rothacker
Mrs. Marie Royce
Dr. and Mrs. Akbar Samii
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Samson
Ms. Cathy Santangelo
Dr. John Sapper
Mr. Garylee Schapansky
Dr. and Mrs. John Schmitt
Dr. and Dr. Michael Schreder
Mr. Robert L. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scutti
Sesame Temps, Inc
Mr. Craig and Dr. Rachel Sharnetzka
Ms. Vasa Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Smith
Mrs. Marian Snavely
Mr. Tim Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stanley
Ms. Cynthia Stayrook
Dr. Keith Stewart
Strasburg Dental Group PC
Dr. Carl Strikwerda and Dr. Gail Bossenga
Thayer Dental Laboratory
Drs. John and Anne Thayer
Ms. Loren Tobia and Ms. Patricia Tobia
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Treier, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troxell
TruckCraft Corporation
Mr. Lester Usner
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vogel
Dr. Yana Volfson-Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner
Mrs. Barbara Walker
Ms. Martha Warfel
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Waugh
Ms. Hilda Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Weaver
Mr. William Weaver
WeeUsables Consignment
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wege
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Weidman
Dr. Tracey Weis
Dr. Glenn Wenger
Mr. and Mrs. James Wenger
Mr. and Mrs. Westcott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wills
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson
Mr. David Wolf
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Woodard
Mr. and Mrs. E Nicholas Yoder
Ms. Susan Yourshaw
Mr. Gerald Zangari
Dr. and Mrs. David Zug

Mr. Jonathan Allen and Ms. Erica Landis
Mr. Zach Allen
Alpha and Omega Button Club
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Andreychek
Mr. Richard Ashby Jr.
Mr. Robert Basarab
Ms. Catherine Begazo
Mr. and Mrs. David Beidleman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Benton
Ms. Jennifer Biemiller
Mr. J. Bilby
Mr. and Mrs. John Bingaman
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Birchess
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Blantz
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bobb
Dr. and Mrs. William Boben
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Bowman
Ms. Heather Bragg
Mr. Richard Burrill
Ms. Lenore Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Calhoon
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carpenter
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Clouse
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cook
Ms. Louise Cooper
Ms. Mimi Cooper
Ms. Kathy Coppens
Mr. and Mrs. William Corwell
Dr. Melissa Crognale
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Danish
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Daubenspeck
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Davis
Ms. Wanda Deiter
Ms. Deb Dickinson and Ms. Marge Binner
Ms. Judith DiObilda
Ms. Karen Drevyanko
Mr. Kenneth Ebert
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edwards
Ms. Kyra Englerth
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Falcone
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fetterman
Ms. Anna Filip
Mr. Dennis Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fleeger
Ms. Lauren Frank
Ms. Mary Freisher
Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton
Mrs. Mary Belle Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garland
Mrs. and Mrs. Jamie Gayman
Mr. and Mrs. Jaren Gembe
Ms. Marian Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gerhardt
Ms. Rose Gibble
Ms. Sarah Gunz
Ms. Janis Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. John Good
Mr. and Mrs. Linford Good
Dr. Wayne Gordner
Ms. Aurora Green
Ms. Amy Grube
Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Haiges
Ms. Heather Hannon
Mr. Philip Harnish and Ms. Robin Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hathorn
Ms. Jean Henne
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hirte
Mr. and Mrs. William Hollar
Ms. Coral Hotte
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Housekeeper
Mr. James and Dr. Alace Humphreville
Mr. Greg Hundermark
Ms. Rebecca Irvine
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jacobsen
Ms. Darlene Johnson
Ms. Hannah Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Kaliss
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kangisser
Ms. Ashlea Kenley
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ketterman
Kids Cowboy Pediatric Dentistry
Ms. Jennifer Kiscaden
Ms. Carol Kornhauser
Mr. and Mrs. James Kraybill
Ms. Miriam Latshaw
Mr. and Mrs. John Leaman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lentz
Mr. Jason Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. William Linton
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Loht
Ms. Tonya Luthens
Mr. and Mrs. Mike MaGilton
Ms. Cynthia Mariotti
Ms. Laura Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Martinsen
Mr. and Mrs. James McKelvey
Mr. Richard L. McMinn
Mr. and Mrs. Joe McSparren
Mr. Robert Metz
Ms. Angela Meyer
Ms. Jennifer Micciche
Mr. and Mrs. David Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller
Ms. Amy Minoski
Ms. Samantha Moats
Mr. Michael Mollura
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Morse
Mr. Cael Moyer
Dr. Cordelia Moyse and Revd. David Peck
Mr. and Mrs. Damien Mscisz
Mrs. Thomas Mullin
Dr. Erin Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. David Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Logan Myers
Mr. and Mrs. David Neff
Ms. Pamela Neidig
Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Nizama
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Null
Ms. Catherine O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ogden
Ms. Kathleen Pale and Mr. Michael Dayhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Palguta
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Parker
Ms. Deborah Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Peachey
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Peters
Dr. Harpradeep Ratia
Ms. Kathryn Reichard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Richards
Ms. Karen Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Roehm
Mr. John Rohrer
Ms. Candace Romberger
Mr. Vincent Rose
Mrs. Abby Rudisill
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Schmude
Revds. Robert and Lauren Schoeck
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schroth
Mr. Dominic Scutti
Ms. Mimi Shapiro
Mr. Harold Shaub and Ms. Rita Troop
Ms. Mary Shenk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shepler
Mr. Rob Shingle and Mr. James Keener
Ms. Mary Simmons
Smoketown Family Dentistry
Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory
Ms. Mimi Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sophocles
Mr. Jason Sowers
Ms. Dana Stadler and Mr. Andrew Parker
Mr. Reginald Stephens
Ms. Jesika Steuerwalt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stickler III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stoner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Straley
Rep. Michael Sturla
Ms. Patricia Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tate
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tearpock
Alpha and Omega Button Club
Mr. and Mrs. William Tobia
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Vago
Mr. John Vice
Mr. Merle Waesche
Mr. and Mrs. John Walker
Dr. M. Kay Warfel
Ms. Alexandra Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weintraub
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Westbrook
Ms. Patricia Wittig
Mr. Gregory Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yohe
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Zeigler
Mr. and Mrs. John Zink-Saladik

2016 Donor List

$50,000 and Up
Samuel N. Lombardo Foundation
The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

Richard S. and Ann B. Barshinger Foundation
H. G Barsumian, M. D. Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brossman Charitable
Cloud 9 Ortho
CRELS Foundation
Ferree Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Frey
Gamber Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William Gamber II
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Grosso
Robert J. Gunterberg Charitable Foundation
Ms. Marianne Hickey
Kiwanis Club of Lititz Area
Larmore Scarlett LLP
Livingston Trout and Mellinger Medical Research

Allen Family Foundation
Sen. and Mrs. Gibson Armstrong
Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation
The Benecon Group, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Brubaker
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryner
Mr. and Mrs. L. Eugene Buckwalter
Mrs. Madelyn Buckwalter
Jack Buncher Foundation
Capital Blue Cross
Mr. Thomas Hills Cook
Dela Ches Fishing Association
Albert Einstein Medical Center Orthodontic Alumni
Mr. Steven and Dr. Andrea Farrell
Fasnacht Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Finkenbinder
Four Seasons Produce Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freeman
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Mr. John Golgan Estate
Mr. Glenn Gross
Mr. and Mrs. David Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ingram
Drs. Manish and Sara Lamichane
Mr. Howard Kelin and Ms. Maryann Marotta
Keller Orthodontics PC
Lancaster County Community Foundation
Dr. Edwin Lee and Dr. Wanda Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lentine
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lombardo
Long Orthodontic Associates
Mr. Herbert S. Long
Dr. and Mrs. Ross E. Long, Jr.
Abigail L. Longenecker Memorial Foundation
North Star Marketing, Inc
Orthodontics Limited, PC
Ms. Greg Peck
Ms. Megan Porter
Quality Maintenance Company
Rotary Club of Lancaster
Rotary Club of Lititz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russo
Mary Sachs Trust
Dr. and Mrs. David Sarver
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffry Scott
Mr. Donald Seifel
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Summers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tennis
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tweed
Dr. and Mrs. Britt Vinson
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Wagner
Irene Weidman Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Weller
Woodcrest Villa
Dr. Mimi Yow and Dr. Kwa Chong Teck

Amazonsmile Foundation
Mrs. Maralyn Anderson
Mr and Mrs. Michael Beasley
Ms. Kim Bedford
Mr. Philip Bonanno
Dr. and Mrs. Alan J. Borislow
Drs. Robert and Donna Brosbe
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carr
Dr. and Mrs. J. Frederick Chairsell
Dr. Steven Crognale and
Dr. Patricia Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Daub
Mr. Brent Davis
Ms. Leah Davis
Fulton Financial Advisors
Dr. Mark Goedecker and Dr. Jennifer Rein
Mr. and Mrs. William Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Dale High
Mr. Le Hinton
Dr. Eric Howard
Dr. Paul Kulits
Lancaster Pediatric Associates Ltd.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Larkin
Mrs. Rebecca Lattanzio
Dr. David Leber
Dr. and Mrs. James Lehman
Mrs. Judith Leppo
Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews
Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Mazaheri
Ms. Heather McConnell
Dr. Margaret McGillis
Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster
Park City Diner
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Roda
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Roda
Mr. and Mrs. John Rosenow
Mr. Gary Sample
Saxton and Stump LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Seldomridge
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sholly
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Smith
Dr. Timothy Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Yurchak

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc
Ms. Ruth Africa and Mr. Conan Raffensperger
Miss Sharon Alexander-Keilly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Anderson
Appel & Yost LLP
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Appel
Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Atwater
Autohaus Lancaster, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ayala
Ms. Mary Ellen Bachman
Mrs. Ann Barshinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Bash
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Beck
Ms. Miriam Beiler
Beittel-Becker Pediatric Associates
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Belser
Dr. Stefan Bender
Dr. Richard Berg
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Bernabei
Ms. Eleanore Bertin
Mr. Robert Bertz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Besecker
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Besterman
Blakinger and Thomas PC
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bosley
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bounds
Mr. Charles Braught
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Briggs
Ms. Ellen Brinton
Bryn Mawr Dental Associates
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bush Family Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Voorhis Cantrell
Ms. Susan Cargoski
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Carper
Charles W. Karper, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. James Chastek
Dr. Benjamin Chikes
Mr. James Clark
Cody & Pfursich Attorneys at Law
Conestoga Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Ltd.
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Courtois
Mr. and Mrs. William Cox
Mr. Michael Craven and Ms. Lynn Long
Dr. Victor Da Costa and Dr. Elizabeth Prada Da Costa
Ms. Jessica Dell’Orto
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Devenney
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Donohue
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis
Ms. Gale Emery
Ms. Michelle Erb
Mr. and Mrs Jay Farrell
Mr. Michell and Dr. Pia Fenimore
Fig Industries
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fiore
Fitzgerald Motors, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. William Flickinger
Matthew D. Freedman D.M.D. and Associates
Mr. Michael Gamel-McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gibbel
Mr. Robert Gitman
Dr. Edward Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Ely Gonick
Dr. Richard A. Graff Jr.
Graphics Universal, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Graver
Ms. Kathryn Griffen
Ms. Lisa Groff
Mr. Robert Groff
Mr. Timothy Grunstra
Hagerstown Honda & Kia
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hellyer
Mr. and Mrs. David Henneman
Ms. Jean Hennen
Ms. Cathy Henry and Mr. Joey Reever
Mr. John Herr Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Higgins
Highmark Blue Shield
Mr. and Mrs. William Hinkson
Mr. and Mrs. William Hoerr
Ms. Lisa Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. William Honaman
Mr. and Mrs. John Hook
Dr. Brett Hoover
Mr. and Ms. Raymond Horan
Ms. Grace House
Ms. Barbara Hoy
Mrs. Mary Lou Huffnagle
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hurter
Mr. and Mrs. Willem van Huystee
Ms. Holly Jenner
Maj. John F. Kendig USAF Ret.
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kershner
Mr. and Mrs. David Kessinger
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Killough
Dr. and Mrs. Charles King
Kline’s Bookkeeping & Tax Service
Dr. Richard D. Knowlton
Mr. and Mrs. William Kopetz
Mr. Steven Krasney and
Ms. Marlene Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kreider
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kuhn
Kundrat & Associates
Lancaster Pediatric Dental Associates
Lancaster Salvage Co.
Mr. Gregory Lesher
Lititz Mutual Insurance Company
Loeffler-Pitt Dental Associates PC
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Long
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Long
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Loughner
Ms. Beverly A. Ludwig
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Mackay
Mr. Donald Main and Dr. Stacie Molnar-Main
Manitowoc Crane Group
Ms. Patricia Marks
Dr. Lynann Mastaj
Mr. and Mrs. Duffy May
May, Metzger & Zimmerman LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mazzarese
Mr. and Mrs. David Mcallister
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McClain
Mr. and Mrs. Roger McInnes
Brown, McMullen, Wisse Dental Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Melisauskas, Sr.
Rep. and Mrs. Steven Mentzer
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Metzler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Metzler
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Millard
Mr. Jared Miller

2016 Annual Report

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