Annual Report

Up to $99
Anonymous (18)
Sharon Alexander-Keilly
Robert and Jo Andrews
Teresa Arndt
Heather Ashbridge
Richard Ashby, Jr.
Pierce and Elaine Atwater
Richard and Tamara Baker
Robert Basarah
Maryann Bechtel
Sue A. Beck
Helen Bednarczyk
Catherine Begazo
Matthew and Paige Bernabei
Danielle Bidus
John and Jennifer Biemiller
Corry and Jennifer Bilby
Damian E. and Patrick Birchess
Susan M. Bobb
Dr. William and Joan Boben
Marie Bosley
John and Joanne Bowman
Randy and Tina Bowman
Heather Bragg
Raymond A. Bures and Jackolyn Brinkman
Richard Burrill
Lenore L. Cahill
Roger and Yvonne Calhoon
Melanie Joy Canfield
Jay and Mary Ann Carpenter
Dr. Benjamin Chikes
Larry and Lori Ciarrocca
Kristy Clark
Charlie and Josephine Cook
Kathy S. Coppens
Mimi Cooper
Cooper Homes
Susan B. Corwell
James and Jean Craley
April Cramer
Colleen A. Crammer
Dr. Melissa Crognale and Sofia Alfaro
Mark A. Crowe
Gary and Nicole Davis
Rebekah Delauter
Rosemary F. Derr
Robert and Louise Devall, Jr.
Chelsea Diberardino
Deb Dickinson and Marge Binner
Lisa L. Dougherty
Karen Drevyanko
Brian and Aimee Earley
Howard and Evelyn Eckstein
Cheryl Everly
Frank and Marcia Falcone
Paul and Sandra Farmer
Jay and Emily Farrell
Donald and Dorothy Feiler
Gary and Karen Fleeger
Mary Freisher
Jessica L. Fuller
Tom and Elaine Fulmer
John and Ann Fulton
Dorothy R. Gallagher
Scott and Traceylyn Gardner
Linda M. Garland
Marian R. Gerhart
Sarah Glunz
Joy L. Goetz
Janis Goldman
Dr. Wayne H. Gordner
Kevin and Stacy Grace
Richard A. Graff, Jr., DDS
Allen and Shirley Graver
Robert and Judith Grobengieser
Gary and Christina Groff
Kimberly E. Grove
Timothy Grunstra
Scott and Judy Haiges
Dolly C. Hamill
Judy Harding
Heather Hannon
Diane and Jeffrey Harr
Ray and Becca Hathorn
Adam Heaps
Dan and Liz Helm
Trent and Emily Hess
Amy H. Hicks
Bruce and Karen Hirte
Bryan K. Hobday
Holly M. Hoover
Gregory A. Hostetter
Jack and Mary Hostetter
Josh and Amy Housekeeper
James and Alace Humphreville
Patricia Huse
Rebecca Irvine
Dr. Greg and Leigh Kaliss
Stephen and Gail Kangisser
Stacey A. Karsher
Mike and Sue Kennedy
Kid’s Cowboy Pediatric Dentistry
Sabrina L. King
Andrew and Lindsey Kirchner
Jennifer Kiscaden
Zena Korba
Barry and Carol Kornhauser
David and Elizabeth Koser
James and Joanne Kraybill
James and Elaine Landis
Jennifer L. Lauver
John and Mindy Leaman
Nadine Leaman
Rosanne K. Lindsay
Julie Lochow
Tonya Luthens
Mike and Celia MaGilton
Walter and Marcia Maloney
Cynthia Mariotti
Curt and Joanne Martin
Laura Martin
Norman and Virginia Martinsen
Christina Martucci
Dr. William D. McCann
Kenneth and Lorraine McClain
Joyce H. McClintock
Patricia S. McCulloh
Richard L. McMinn
Todd and Mary Melisauskas
Angela Meyer
Jennifer Micciche
Darla Miles
Jared Miller
John and Andrea Miller
Michael and Janis Miller
Amy Minoski
Nancy Minoski
Jessica Morris
Diane J. Morgan
Damien and Laura Mscisz
Virginia Mullin
Andrew and Kay Myers
Logan and Lynn Myers
Kerri Neff
Catherine O’Connor
Alecia D. Oldaker
Kathleen Pale and Michael Dayhoff
Eric and Anita Parker
Fred Pascopella
Gregory C. Paul
The Rev. David Peck and Dr. Cordelia Moyse
Timothy and Elizabeth Peters
Kristen M. Pike
Dr. Ronald S. and Jo Anne Plutnicki
Benjamin and Olga Pratt
William and Megan Primavera
Dave and Judy Pusey
Bonnie Lynn Rathsam
Paula A. Rattansingh
Janine Riley and Kaela Kindig
Dr. Paul Ripple
Karen Roberts
Tim and Sue Roehm
John Rohrer
Harriet and George Rosenstein
Peter and Laura Rothacker
Abby H. Rudisill
Sarah Sauder
Cara Sawyer
Brian and Alicia Schmude
Walter and Marie Schroth
Dominic Scutti
Harold Shaub and Rita Troop
Kristine Shearer
Mary Beth and Jack Shenk
Neil and Terri Sies
Mary Simmons
Heather L. Smith
Mimi Snyder
Mary M. Soplop
Jason and Rosanna Sowers
Dana Stadler and Andrew Parker
Cynthia Stayrock
Cheryl A. Steele
Jesika Steuerwalt
Ronna L. Stoe
Donald and Kim Stoner
Steve and Sue Straley
Patricia R. Sullivan
Susan M. Swartz
Brian and Michele Tate
Dr. John and Anne Thayer
Brian and Theresa Thomas
William and Annette Tobia
Stephen E. Topper
Frank and Tina Trimble
Lauren Vaughn
Heather L. Wade
Merle Waesche
Melissa Wagner
M. Kay Warfel
Martha Warfel
Philip and Liz Weintraub
Cynthia A. Werzyn
Chris and Dru Westbrook
William and Ann Wilson
Patricia Wittig
Frank and Vicki Woerner
Thomas and Mary Yohe
Joshua and Kelsey Zeigler
Scott and Tammy Zeigler
John and Cathy Zink-Saladik


In-kind Clinical Gifts of Time and Expertise
Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Penn Medicine Lancaster General Hospital, General Practice Residency
LOA Orthodontics/Dr. Sarah Wentzel
Dr. Robert Belser
Dr. Victor Da Costa
Dr. Wanda Flinn
Dr. Steven Killough

Honorarium Gifts
All the Smiles
Patricia Huse
All staff and volunteers at LCPC
Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Peterman III
Melissa Barry
Don and Brenda Waardenburg
Anthony P. Bertin
Eleanore Bertin
Rob and Lisa Bertin-Freeman and family
Eleanore Bertin
Madelyn Buckwalter
Raymond D. Buckwalter and Daniel J. Dube
Yetta S. Carpenter
Mary Sachs Trust
Teddie Chairsell
Dr. Pia and Mitch Fenimore
Dr. John Cooper
Kevin and Missy Anderson
The Crognales
Dr. Steven Crognale
Dr. Melissa Crognale
Karen Roberts
Grady Daub
Blake and Janice Daub
Julie Fischel
William and Joy Linton
Ryan Gerhardt and Kylie Gerhardt
Marjorie Gerhardt
David Hanson
David Wolf
Judi Hess
Jennifer and John Biemiller
Tracy Horst
Barbara Hoy
Emma Housekeeper
Scott and Vickie Kreider
August Huse
Carol Widmaver
In thanks for your amazing service AND patience with your patients
Joyce and John Saeger
The kids
Dr. Donald and Sue Mackay
John and Genevieve Krull
Beverly Ludwig
LOA Staff
James and Joanne Kraybill
LCPC staff
Maureen and Michael Rostolsky
Sam Lombardo
Madelyn Buckwalter
Dr. Ross E. and Barbara Long, Jr.
Dr. Long and Dr. Mackay
James and Anne Miller
Dr. Donald R. Mackay
Fager-Finkenbinder Funeral Home and Crematory Services, Inc.
Drs. Mackay and Long and Fox McGrew
Fox McGrew
Maggie and Stevie
Dr. Melissa Crognale
Dr. Mazaheri
Damian and Patricia Birchess
Dr. David Leber
Jen and Doug McGurn and Famiily
Marie Arcuri
John and Alyssa Messick
Daniel and Elizabeth Helm
Jordy Metzler
Daniel and Janet Metzler
Alexander Meyer
Angela Meyer
Isaac Andrew Miller
Steve and Sue Straley
Michael and Janis Miller
Kelley Nahodil, RN
Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder
Sarah Glunz
Dr. Jack Peterman
Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Peterman III
Barbara Platt
John and Cathy Zink-Saladik
Nancy O. Porter
Frederick Porter
Our grandson Riley
William and Cheryl Hoerr
Logan Sawyer
Michael and Lydia Morgan
Carissa Sensenig
Amy Minoski
Nancy Minoski
Shannon Oley Skaug
Holly Jenner
Dr. Barbara Slabe
Dr. Wayne Gordner
Isaiah Matthew Stoner
Donald and Kim Stoner
Marlena Taylor
Sue and Mike Kennedy
Kae Wagner
Miriam Beiler
Zane Witmer
Dr. Brianne Shanley and Serban Nicolaescu
Bryce Yoder
E. Nicholas and Catherine Yoder
Zachary and Emma
Dr. Cathy Henry and Joey Reever
Ryanne Zell
Kerry Meyers and Teresa Arndt

Memorial Gifts
Mary Louise Baer
Joyce McClintock
Ronald J. Beyer
Heather McConnell
Charles E. Cumpston
Roberta Shaub
Evelyn Da Costa
Reina Diaz
Olivia Grace Dusablon
Stephen and Catherine Donohue
Jennifer Kiscaden
Walt and Marie Schroth
Kathryn Griffen
Kristina and John Bilek
Lenore Cahill
Michael Gamel-McCormick
Janis Goldman
Cynthia Mariotti
Laura Martin
Norman and Virginia Martinsen
Monika Misiuta
Anita Roger-Fields
Loren and Patricia Tobia
William and Annette Tobia
Philip and Liz Weintraub
Rodney Jones
James and Jeane Craley
Rustin and Carla Jones
Bill and Ann Wilson
Wayne Karr
Lancaster Salvage Co.
Harold Shaub and Rita Troop
Vincent J. Lattanzio
Rebecca Lattanzio
Dorothea J. Lo Presti
William Weaver
Georgia McCune
Linda Mamourian
Chuck Miller
Mary Simmons
Marvin E. Miller, Jr.
Madelyn Buckwalter
Dr. Ross E. and Barbara Long, Jr.
David Schrott, Sr.
Catherine Begazo
Garylee Schapansky
Anthony and Marie Scutti
Dominic Scutti
Jesika Steuerwalt
Maria Sholly
Jeffrey and Alisa Sholly
Allen J. Steffy
Cynthia Stayrook
Nelson and Joyce Steffy
John Veser
Pat Veser and John Byers
Dr. William Thomas Woodard, Jr.
Dr. Robert and Julia Belser
Jack and Ann Fulton

We apologize to anyone we may have not listed. Please contact us at 717-394-3793 x117 so we can correct our records.

2017 Donor List – July 1, 2016–December 31, 2017

$50,000 and above
J. William Warehime Foundation
Samuel N. Lombardo Foundation
Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation

Richard S. and Ann B. Barshinger Foundation
Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation
William and Gemima Brossman Charitable Foundation
CRELS Foundation
Gamber Foundation
William and Kit Lou Gamber
Robert J. Gunterberg Charitable Foundation
Marianne H. Hickey
Kiwanis Club of Lititz Area
Reformed Mennonite Church
University of Pittsburgh

Sally Buckwalter
Four Seasons Produce, Inc.
Philip and Patricia Frey
John Golgan Estate
Livingston Trout and Mellinger Medical Research Foundation
Craig and Sallie Rhineer
Rotary Club of Lititz

L. Eugene and Mary Ellen Buckwalter
Madelyn “Bunnie” Buckwalter
Thomas Hills Cook
Fulton Family Foundation
David and Tammy Hanson
Kalas Sylvin Foundation
LOA Orthodontics
Herbert S. Long
Drs. Gemmi, Middleberg, and Pale, Orthodontics Limited, PC
Donald R. Seifel

Allen Family Foundation
Armstrong Flooring Foundation
Sen. Gibson and Marti Armstrong
The Benecon Group, Inc.
Philip Bonanno
Peter and Meg Brubaker
Jack Buncher Foundation
Edward and Barbara Carr
Dr. J. Frederick and Theodora Chairsell
Bradley Clark and Jenifer Kindig
James Clark
Fasnacht Family Foundation
Travis and Rebecca Finkenbinder
Robert and Lisa Freeman
Friendly Smiles Orthodontics, LLC
Fulton Financial Advisors
Marjorie M. Gerhardt
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Glenn Gross
Dr. Daniel and Brittney Henrichsen
Craig and Traci Ingram
Howard Kelin and Maryann Marotta
Dr. Ross E. and Barbara Long, Jr.
Linda Mamourian
Dr. Mohammad and Nahied Mazaheri
Mennonite Home Communities
North Star Marketing, Inc.
Andrew Myers
J. Megan Porter
Drs. Elizabeth Prada and Victor Da Costa
Quality Maintenance Company
Thomas and Georgina Russo
Mary Sachs Trust
John H. and Joyce M. Saeger
Gary Sample and Joan L. Umberger
Dr. David and Valerie Sarver
Dr. Gary Seldomridge
Jeffrey and Alisa Sholly
Dr. Andrea L. Smith
Dr. Keith J. Stewart
Ronald and Pat Tweed
United Concordia Dental
Dr. Britt and Tamatha Vinson
Dwight and Kae Wagner
Rep. Robert S. and Barbara Walker
Irene Weidman Charitable Trust
Duane and Katherine Weiss
Harry and Carol Yost
Dr. Mimi Yow

William and Susan Adams
AmazonSmile Foundation
John and Ramona Bachman
Drs. Donna and Robert Brosbe
John and Peggy Bryner
Ronald and Patricia Carkoski
Crognale Family Dentistry
Leah M. Davis
Dela Ches Fishing Association
Stephen and Catherine Donohue
Fager-Finkenbinder Funeral Home and Crematory Services, Inc.
Drs. Wanda Flinn and Edwin Lee
Charles and Kimberly Frey
Drs. Mark Goedecker and Jennifer Rein
Mary Hafner
Hammer Creek Enterprises, LLC
Steve and Kim Harrison
William and Marcia Hartman
Dr. Cathy Henry and Joey Reever
William and Eleanor Honaman
Dr. Robert and Alissa Larkin
Rebecca Lattanzio
Dr. David C. Leber
Richard and Elaine Lentine
Erik and Judith Leppo
Dr. Donald and Susan Mackay
Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction
John and Bonnie Matthews
Heather McConnell
M. Brooke Minnich and Peter Parsil
Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster
Park City Diner
Greg Peck*
John and Grace Rosenow
Saxton and Stump, LLC
Susan Scott
Dr. Rachel and Craig Sharnetzka
Douglas and Mary Smith
William Smythe
Dr. Timothy Snyder
J. Harold and June Summers
Jeffrey and Jane Tennis
TriStarr Staffing
Jeffrey and Deborah Weller
Dr. Christopher and Suzanne Woodard

Anonymous (2)
Beth Ail
Appel & Yost, LLP
Autohaus Lancaster, Inc.
Mary Ellen Bachman
Charles and Anna Barry
Miriam Beiler
Eleanore Bertin
Robert J. Bertz
Dr. Charles and Anne Besterman
Dr. Alan J. and Susan Borislow
Ellen L. Brinton
Bryn Mawr Dental Associates
Raymond D. Buckwalter and Daniel J. Dube
Chiropractic 1st, LLC
Cody & Pfursich Attorneys-at-Law
Howard and Susanne Cox
Michael Craven and Lynn Long
Dr. Steven Crognale
Jessica Dell’Orto
Thomas and Gayle Despard
Dr. Pia and Mitchell Fenimore
Fulton Financial Corporation
Georgelis Orthodontics, PC
Mark and Erin Gerhardt
Henry and Joan Gibbel
Robert Gitman
Graphics Universal, Inc.
Tim Grunstra
Hagerstown Honda & Kia
Jean Hennen
Peter and Rachel Higgins
Dale and Sadie High
Highmark Blue Shield
John and Dai Ann Hook
Raymond and Susan Horan
Barbara Hoy
Kegel, Kelin, Almy and Lord, LLP
Timothy and Debbie Kershner
David and Yessica Kessinger
Lancaster Pediatric Associates, Ltd.
Gregory S. Lesher
Christopher Lilley
Dr. Stacie Molnar-Main and Donald Main
Manitowoc Crane Group
Fox McGrew
Dr. Michael S. McMullen
Mejia Law Group
Donald Mellinger
Nestor Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. J.B. Peterman III
Dr. Jason A. Phillips
Frederick Porter
Dr. John Robertson
Denise Ronan
Michael and Maureen Rostolsky
Dr. Gerald and Carla Rothacker
Jason and Rosanna Sowers
Pyfer, Reese, Straub, Gray and Farhat, PC
Craig and Dianne Roda
Dr. John and Janet Schmitt
Reed and Marlys Spiegel
Robert and Kathy Stanley
Nelson and Joyce Steffy
Strasburg Dental Group, PC
Thayer Dental Laboratory
Lester J. Usner
Robert and Barbara Wagner
Paul and Judy Ware
Tom and Susie Wilson
Ronald and Marie Yurchak
Gerald Zangari

Anonymous (7)
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Ruth Africa and Conan Raffensperger
Kevin and Missy Anderson
James W. and Cathryn Appel
Marie Arcuri
Allen and Rosanne Ayala
William and Laralee Bash
Ronald and Joan Beck
Dr. Robert and Julia Belser
Dr. Richard Berg
John and Kristina Bilek
John and Diane Bingaman
Joshua and Carey Blantz
Ted and Laurin Bloom
Billy and Emily Boone
Donald and Jacqueline Brennan
Andrew and Lisa Brown
Voorhis and Mary Cantrell
Susan Cargoski
Terry and Margaret Carper
James and Marilyn Chastek
Tom and Celine Clouse
Dr. Herbert and Barbara Cooper, III
Dr. John A. and Rosa Cooper
Jane D. Cope
Robert and Patricia Courtois
William and Susan E. Cox
Blake and Janice Daub
Gabriel Pedro De Castro
Robert and Linda Devenney
Reina Diaz
Judith DiObilda
Robert and Abigail S. Ellis
Gale Emery
Scott and Laura Fiore
Bill and Shirley Flickinger
Matthew D. Freedman, DMD
Michael Gamel-McCormick
Dr. Edward D. Gold
Ely and Abbie Gonick
John and Barbara Good
Gerald C. Green, DMD
Robert and Linda Groff
Brenton and Sharon Hake
Curtis and Barbara Heister
Robert and Elaine Hellyer
Jean M. Henne
John and Joanne Herr
Le Hinton
William and Cheryl Hoerr
Grace E. House
Emma Housekeeper
Brian and Jen Hurter
Frank and Kathy Jablonski
Holly Jenner
Rustin and Carla Jones
William and Lois Jordan
Grant Keener
Clarence and Jody Kegel
Dr. Steven and Nan Killough
Thai Kim
Dr. Charles and Wanda King
William W. and Mary Ellen Kopetz
Scott and Vickie Kreider
Kundrat & Associates
Lancaster Salvage Co.
William and Joy Linton
Dr. Andrew C. and Julia G. Long
Toby and Donna Long
Larry and Barbara Loughner
Beverly A. Ludwig
Mike and Celia MaGilton
Patricia Marks
George and Jessica May
Anthony and Margaret Mazzarese
Roger and Marie McInnes
Joseph and Mary Ann McSparran
Rep. Steven and Sarah Mentzer
Jordan and Anna Metzler, Sr.
Daniel and Janet Metzler
Harry and Pamela Middleton
Andrew Miller
James H. Miller
Stanley Miller
Monika Misiuta
Paul and Marci Mondock
Michael and Lydia Morgan
Gail Morrison-Hall
Joseph and Deirdre Moyer
John and Thuy Kim Nguyen
Peter and Marlene Null
Dr. Ying-Lee Ong and Chad Hake
Dennis and Amanda Owens
Scott and Kelly Parson
John and Deb Peterman
Andrew and Mary Kit Peyton
Dr. Jeanette Pikarski
Gaylord and Nadine Poling
Laura Pontz
Dr. Jeffrey and Nicole Putt
Dr. David B. Reeder
Anita Roger-Fields
Vincent J. Rose
Dr. Michael Roth
Marie Royce
Dr. Akbar and Sally Samii
Dr. Thomas and Kristin Samson
Drs. David C. and Cathy J. Santangelo
Dr. John C. Sapper
Joan Saunders
Susan Savage and Fred Engle
Garylee Schapansky
Drs. Michael and Jane Schreder
Maria Schulz
Jeffry Scott, DDS
Anthony and Marie Scutti
Dr. Brianne Shanley
Roberta M. Shaub
Paul and Catherine Slough
Marian B. Snavely
Jack and Joni Soost
Cynthia Stayrook
Drs. Carl Strikwerda and Gail Bossenga
Rep. Michael Sturla
Joel and Brienne Taylor
Loren and Patricia Tobia
Randy Traini
Jack P. and Ann Treier, Jr.
Trim Salon
Robert and Kay Troxell
Willem and Thea van Huystee
Pat Veser and John Byers
Don and Brenda Waardenburg
Dr. Steven and Ava Waugh
Hilda Weaver
William Weaver
Michael and Sandra Wege
James and Kathy Wenger
Carol Widmaver
Michelle Wittig
David F. Wolf
Gregory E. Woods
E. Nicholas and Catherine Yoder
Susan F. Yourshaw
Zug Family Dentistry

2017 Annual Report

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