How long will my team day appointments be?
Approximately 4 hours.  We recommend that you bring games, activities, or snacks if you have small children.

How do I set up an initial appointment?
Call Brenda or Shannon, our patient coordinators, at 717 394-3793 and let the patient coordinator know you would like to schedule your first visit and indicate any special concerns you need addressed such as a cleft lip.  The patient coordinator will schedule you for an initial visit with the cleft team and send you vital paperwork to complete prior to your first appointment.

Where are surgical procedures performed?
All surgeries are scheduled at Hershey Medical Center and coordinated by our team. You will return to the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic for post operative visits.

What if I have questions about insurance?
We have an insurance coordinator available to answer questions and guide you through the complicated insurance procedures.

What if I have nonmedical questions?
We have a social worker on staff to assist with the nonmedical yet vital questions you might have.

I just found out my unborn baby has a cleft lip/palate.
We provide prenatal counseling for families who are aware of their unborn child’s cleft palate/lip or craniofacial birth condition.

Is there a cleft team closer to me?
While many hospitals have doctors who see patients with cleft and craniofacial differences, there are only 3 full teams in Pennsylvania: Lancaster, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh.  The advantage of seeing a full team is having all specialists discuss your case together and formulate a truly integrated plan.