Your First Visit

We would like to give you an overview of how Team Day will work.  You will see many different professionals and typically have a lot of questions.


Check in at the Front Desk.  You will be given paperwork to be filled out prior to being brought back for your appointment.

You will be brought back in a ‘first come, first served’ order.

During Your Visit

An assistant will guide you to various areas, please feel free to ask questions of the people you see.

Your child will be seen by a series of doctors and cleft palate specialists who will evaluate them.  Several specialists will visit you in one of our dental rooms and you will go to other rooms to see other specialists.

Plastic Surgeon

Will evaluate your child and determine what type of surgery is best for them and when it should take place. Input about speech and orthodontics help make these decisions.

Feeding Specialist

Can answer questions you have about feeding your child, such as which bottle is best and amount and frequency of feedings.  You may already have met with a feeding specialist.


Monitors the development of your child’s teeth and plans phases of treatment that will align teeth and facilitate surgery to produce the best dental outcome.  Orthodontic care is offered at our clinic.

Speech Therapist

Evaluates your child’s speech and language development to determine whether speech therapy or surgical intervention is warranted.  Speech therapy is offered at our clinic.


Since hearing difficulties and middle ear problems are often associated with cleft palate, the audiologist will monitor middle ear function and evaluate hearing.

ENT or Pediatrician

Evaluates your child to see if there are any medical issues that need to be addressed by your family physician or a specialist.


Will check your child’s teeth, looking for any tooth decay or other dental concerns that may need attention.  General dental services are offered at the clinic.


Children with clefts will often need tooth replacements and occasionally need an appliance to help with speech.  A prosthodontist is a specialized dentists that can make restorations or prosthetics.  Prosthodontic services are offered at the clinic.


After you have met with the Team, you will then be escorted back to the waiting area.  There the front desk will make sure you have seen everyone and check you out.  Please do not leave without checking with the front desk, we want to make sure you have met with everyone to get the best care possible.

Depending on the patient flow on a Team Day and the number of professionals for which you are scheduled, the timeframe for your appointment may be as long as 3 hours.  (You may want to pack snacks!)

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask any of our staff. We are always here to help!