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Sam and Dena Lombardo are passionate, long-time friends of the clinic. Not only have they donated thousands of dollars over the years to support the mission of LCPC, but over the last many months they have committed $750,000 to the clinic’s Faces of Change capital campaign: the largest single contribution in the clinic’s 83-year history! The Lombardos have recently structured a part of their overall campaign gift as a $500,000 matching grant, which they hope will encourage the greater community to match their gift with an additional $500,000. We need your support to help us meet this special challenge: we have just $351,560 yet to go! You can help propel us to victory and a vibrant future! Every new campaign gift or pledge toward the match now will be doubled thanks to Sam and Dena’s philanthropic leadership.

Sam and Dena Lombardo


Imagine not being able to smile like everyone else. Or eat, or drink, or talk, or even hear like everyone else. A child born with a cleft lip and/or palate may not be able to eat, swallow, or speak in the “normal” way. The incredible team at the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic treats the unique combination of needs for each patient, walking side-by-side with them through 20 years of surgeries and other treatments all while encouraging those beautiful smiles.

While the Clinic has long been at the forefront of treatment and research, our equipment and facility have not kept pace with advances in technology and patient needs. That’s one of the challenges of being the nation’s sole independent cleft treatment clinic, the only one not embedded in a major medical center or university.

The time has come to elevate the facility to match the exceptional level of care our patients receive. Please join us to help LCPC treat more patients—both our patients with clefts and children with other special needs—in a better, brighter, modernized facility. With your support, we can bring more smiles and life-changing treatments to our kids.

With grateful smiles,

Samuel Lombardo, Bunnie Buckwalter, and Liz Prada

Samuel Lombardo

Campaign Co-Chair
Chairman and CEO
Benecon and ConnectCare3

Madelyn “Bunnie” Buckwalter

Campaign Co-Chair
Real Estate Developer

Elizabeth Prada, DMD, MPH

Executive Director

Campaign and Construction Progress Updates

Fresh Paint!

Our renovation is nearing a close, and the fresh paint on our building exterior is the latest evidence. Here’s a rather astounding “during” and “after”...
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Clinic Video

Thank you, Dennis Owens, news anchor, clinic volunteer and patient parent; and Anthony Durso and team at ABC27 in Harrisburg!


Want to see your dollars at work?  Site tours for campaign donors are available Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Masks required.  Please contact Dave Foulk to schedule a visit.


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The Clinic does not have enough pediatric dental rooms to meet the need for these services in a sustainable manner. With just two chairs suitable for special needs children, prospective patients must wait up to five months to get an appointment with a pediatric dentist.


The orthodontic suite is at capacity with four chairs. The room offers little space for parents to remain with their children, and close quarters for the privacy of each patient during treatment discussions.


Parents of a child in a stroller or motorized wheelchair must navigate up the alley to reach the Lime Street entrance. The sidewalk is too narrow, and the concrete is cracked and uneven. Snow and ice can make the difficult path all but impassable.


Few people (including the staff) use the Clinic’s lower level. It houses research projects and hosts a few large meetings a year, but it doesn’t suit the organization’s modern needs. The 60-year-old building must be renovated to better meet families’ needs and expectations.


Following the latest guidelines from the CDC for dental care, our entire facility will be equipped with a building-wide HEPA filtration system and negative pressure HVAC.

Arriving for an appointment will become easier—and safer. The Clinic’s main entrance will move from Lime Street to the rear side of the building. The change puts the entrance right next to the parking lot—a more convenient location for everyone, especially parents with children in wheelchairs or strollers.

New plantings behind the building will beautify the entrance and reduce stormwater runoff.

Stairs or a new elevator will take arriving families to the main floor.

Handicapped parking spaces will be next to the new entrance. The parking lot will be repaved for smoother walking and wheelchair travel. A mural will identify the Clinic and enhance the neighborhood.

The renovations will enable us to help children with special needs beyond craniofacial conditions. Other non-profit health care organizations refer their most complicated pediatric dental cases to the Clinic. These children usually have medical or behavioral conditions that require specialized care.
Many have severe dental decay, the most common chronic childhood disease. It causes pain, infection, premature tooth loss, and problems with growth and development. If their mouth always hurts, a child can’t learn and grow. The Clinic is one of only a few dental practices in Lancaster County that participates in Medical Assistance programs.


Families will discover the main floor has “flipped,” moving the main entrance and waiting room to what is now the rear of the building. Patient care and support services will expand to occupy almost the entire main floor. The renovated spaces will benefit the families who spend hours at the Clinic on Team Day, seeing all their child’s specialists and therapists in one convenient visit.


  • Play area for small children
  • Lounge for parents and children 
  • Small conference room to discuss treatments or finances in private
  • Dedicated feeding room for moms
  • Parent seating close to treatment spaces


A cartoon or movie playing on the ceiling-mounted television can help distract young patients during a procedure. The nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) line is plumbed up through the floor to hide equipment that might seem scary. We have three additional pediatric dental rooms that have now increased our capacity by 150%.

For children with certain special needs, even trying to take a simple X-ray can elicit frightened cries. The treatment rooms will have sound-reducing doors and walls to lessen the impact on other children and their families. The rooms have been intentionally placed as far from the waiting room as possible.


Following the latest guidelines from the CDC for dental care, all our orthodontic rooms will be private.

In the building’s southwest corner, we are introducing four new, private orthodontic suites which will have access to natural light. Exposure to natural light has been proven to benefit patients in heath care settings.

The renovation creates a separate, enclosed room for orthodontic exams and procedures. The quiet space will be more soothing and less distracting for children on the autism spectrum or those with behavioral issues. 

The Clinic has long been a leader in cleft research, thanks in large part to Director Emeritus Dr. Rusty Long, the grandson of Clinic founder Dr. H. K. Cooper. Clinic staff will continue to participate in studies that determine the most effective treatments for various craniofacial anomalies.

Our previous team space was inadequate.


The team approach—bringing all the specialists and therapists together in one place to decide the best treatment plan for each patient—has long been the Clinic’s hallmark. The modernization plan includes elements that foster the team culture to the ultimate benefit of patients.

Weekly team meetings will move to a larger, more functional, dedicated room on the lower level. On the main level, a small conference room with five workstations will provide a space for specialists to work or meet with colleagues in between patient appointments.

Several team members’ services are donated by other health care organizations, enabling these specialists to spend one to four days a month treating patients at the Clinic. Improved work spaces for them signal our gratitude for their commitment to our mission and our patients.

The modernization plan includes new diagnostic and treatment tools for hearing, speech, and feeding as well as upgrades to electronic medical records systems. Computers and servers will be upgraded or replaced throughout the organization, improving staff efficiency and productivity.


The Clinic’s modernization plan will require a community investment of $4 million dollars. These funds will cover all of the necessary construction and equipment upgrades. In the long term, the community’s generosity will significantly enhance the Clinic’s sustainability by giving it the physical capacity to treat more patients.

Campaign Leadership

Honorary Committee

Gib and Marty Armstrong

Ann B. Barshinger

Philip and Patricia Frey

Bill and Kitt Gamber

Steering Committee

Sam Lombardo, Co-Chair, CEO, Benecon

Bunnie Buckwalter, Co-Chair, Real Estate Developer

James I. Alton, Consultant, Lindsley Development Consulting

John Cooper, President, Cooper Dentistry

Scott Fiore President, TriStarr Staffing

Dave Hanson CEO, Fulton Financial Advisors


Ross Kramer CEO, Listrak

Todd T. Lindsley, Principal, Lindsley Development Consulting

Rusty Long, Orthodontist and LCPC CEO Emeritus (retired)

Amanda Owens, President, Martin Owens Group

Dennis Owens, News Anchor, ABC-27 Harrisburg

Mark Richards, Lobbyist, S. R. Wodjak & Associates

Ed Carr, Executive (retired)

Communications Committee

Amanda Owens, Co-Chair President, Martin Owens Group

Dennis Owens, Co-Chair News Anchor, ABC-27 Harrisburg

Maureen Rostolsky, Co-Chair Speech Therapist, LCPC Staff (retired)



Teddie Chairsell, Community Volunteer

Kae Wagner, President, North Star Marketing

Beth Bostwick, President, Masterpiece Marketing

Rebecca Bissonnette, Administrative Assistant, Highmark

Suzanne Woodard, Social Worker, LCPC Staff

Lisa Freeman, Comptroller, VIZpin


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For further information about ways to give, including if you wish to make a planned gift (bequest, life insurance policy, charitable distribution from an IRA, Charitable Gift Annuity) to support the campaign, please contact Dave Foulk, Development Director, at 717-394-3793 x117.

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    Samuel N. and Dena M. Lombardo

    Armstrong World Industries Foundation
    Armstrong World Industries (In Kind)
    Ann B. Barshinger
    Madelyn “Bunnie” Buckwalter*
    The Clark Associates Charitable Foundation
    Hon. Robert J. and Anita Y. Eby*
    Bill and Kitt Gamber
    Estate of Michael Nunziata
    Henry Schein, Inc. (In Kind)
    Dwight and Kae Wagner*

    Meg and Peter Brubaker
    Ed and Barbara Carr
    Philip and Patricia Frey
    The Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Family Foundation
    The Weiss Family

    A-DEC Inc. (In Kind)
    Mary Ellen Bachman
    Dr. and Mrs. William R A Boben, Jr.
    Frank Carano, DDS*
    Clinic Staff Collective
    Compass Network Group (In Kind)
    Dr. and Mrs. John A. Cooper, Jr.
    Victor DaCosta and Elizabeth Prada DaCosta*
    Ecore International (In Kind)
    Lisa and Robert Freeman*
    James and Iris Frey
    Fulton Bank
    The Gamber Foundation
    Marjorie Gerhardt (in honor of Ryan and Kylie Gerhardt)
    Cory and Jennifer Giltner
    Mr. and Mrs. David B. Hanson*
    The Estate of Jean Hennen
    Tim and Debbie Kershner*
    The Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline Foundation
    Larmore Scarlett LLP
    Ross and Barbara Long*
    Donald and Susan Mackay*
    Howard Kelin and Maryann Marotta*
    Martin Owens Group
    Rotary Club Of Lancaster
    Mace and Joyce Rothenberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Samson
    Dr. and Mrs. Gary Seldomridge
    Jack and Joni Soost
    Kenneth and Susan Stoudt
    Jack Vogel 
    The J. William Warehime Foundation
    Richard and Nancy Witwer
    Wayne and Cheri Work*

    Albert Einstein Medical Center Orthodontic Alumni Association
    The Allen Family Foundation
    Bruce and Christie Alton
    Hon. and Mrs. Gibson Armstrong
    Art By Smiths (in-kind)
    Stefan Bender
    Mark and Erin Brinser
    Bernard and Beth Bostwick 
    Althea Ramsay Carrigan
    Fred and Teddie Chairsell
    Derck & Edson (in-kind)
    F. David Foulk
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gemmi
    Dr. Edward Gold
    Andrew and Samantha Gordon* 
    Tim and Marcia Hamilton (in memory of Al Hamilton)
    Justin and Emily Herbert
    Steven Farrell and Andrea Smith 
    Dr. Austin Feeney and Virginia Gambale 
    Daniel and Lauren Grossman
    Clarence and Jody Kegel
    Barry and Carol Keller
    Scott and Cathryn Hill Ketterman
    Ross and Krista Kramer
    Lancaster County Dental Society
    W F Vann, Jr. and J Y Lee
    Mark Boyd Photography (in-kind)
    Dr. and Mrs. Harold Middleberg
    Sarah Wentzel and James Muiter*
    Dr. John Nista
    Dr. Kathleen Pale
    Stephan and Mary Anna Pavlos
    Dr. Lisa Russell 
    Robert L. Schroeder
    Craig and Rachel Sharnetka
    The Stoutland Family
    Two Dudes Painting Company (In Kind)
    Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc. (In Kind)
    Susan Scott
    Michael and Andrea Shirk
    Justin and Candice Sylvestre 
    Dr. and Mrs. Britt Vinson
    Michael and Denise Warfel
    Dr. Wasna Dabbagh (in Honor of Khaerea Saeed)
    Dr. Chris Wenderoth
    Chris and Suzanne Woodard


    *Denotes a Clinic Board Member

    Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic Board of Directors

    Thank you for your dedicated service! 

    Wayne Work, Chairman
    Owner, Work Computer Solutions

    Scott Fiore, Vice Chairman
    President, Tri-Starr Staffing

    Kae G. Wagner, Secretary
    President, North Star Marketing

    Timothy Kershner, Treasurer
    CPA, Principal Walz Group

    Frank D. Carano, DDS
    Dentist (retired) Carano Dental Group

    Lisa Freeman
    Comptroller, VIZpin

    Andrew J. Gordon
    Vice President, Fulton Bank

    Howard L. Kelin, Esq.
    Partner, Kegel, Kelin, Litts & Lord LLP

    Ronald H. Pollock, Esq.
    Attorney-at-law Saxton & Stump

    Thomas D. Samson, MD
    Plastic Surgeon, Penn State Hershey Medical Center

    Sarah Wentzel, DMD, MS
    Orthodontist, Lancaster Orthodontic Associates, LLC

    Rusty Long, DMD, MS, PhD
    Orthodontist (retired), LCPC Executive
    Director Emeritus, ex officio

    Elizabeth K. Prada, DMD, MPH
    Executive Director
    ex officio, Pediatric Dentist

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