Only 50% of our costs are reimbursed by insurance.

You can help offset the average $742,524.84 lifetime cost to rehabilitate one patient’s cleft.

Please help Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic bring bright hope to help more children and families. Your gift can close the huge gap between treatment costs and what is able to be reimbursed by insurances and each family’s ability to pay.

As a donor to Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic, you can help children live their happiest, healthiest futures. You can be part of this amazing gift!

For information on ways you can support the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic, contact Deanna Meyler, Development Director, at

Your gift impacts families.

Give the gift of a bright future.

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10 Reasons to Give

Why should you support Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic?


The joy that LCPC brings to patients and their families by supporting cleft and craniofacial needs throughout the life course.


LCPC saves the lives of patients with clefts and other craniofacial needs all over the country.


One in 700 children are born with a cleft. These are our families, friends, and neighbors.


Many giving people share their time and expertise with LCPC to help make sure we can provide the very best care to our patients. Medical practitioners, parents, and community members all give their time to create a special place for our patients.


These giving volunteers take it upon themselves to make sure we go beyond the minimum required to maintain nonprofit status to support fiscal responsibility and transparency.


Staff at LCPC consistently share their specialized knowledge with patients, families, community members, students, and other medical practitioners. Anyone who wants to learn more can find support at LCPC.


LCPC staff are truly special and every person focuses on the children. In 2022 we were nominated and received honoree status as one of the Best Workplaces in Lancaster County.


As a stand-alone nonprofit clinic that is not part of a larger hospital system, we are unique in the current healthcare system. It allows us to focus on our patients and their families, no matter financial or immigration status, rather than profit.


Rising healthcare costs have made specialty care even less accessible for patients and their families. LCPC bridges this significant access gap with your support.


You are a true gift as a donor.

Why I Give

After being involved with the Rotary Club of
Lancaster for 16 years including her service as immediate past president, Althea knows the value of contributing to LCPC. The club and the clinic have a long-standing history. Our founder H. K. Cooper served as a member, and Rotary provided him with the seed funding to start the clinic in 1938. Althea Ramsay Carrigan, who has a cousin with a cleft palate, and was herself born with jaw issues, saw the needs at LCPC and advocated for the Rotary to allot more funds to donate to the organization. “It made all the difference in the world,” she said.

Althea Ramsay Carrigan

Sam Lombardo and his wife, Dena, both have a heart for LCPC because the organization gives so much back to children and the community. Sam has been hosting a golf tournament for the past 15 years to benefit LCPC. He believes that those who have been blessed financially should “give back” to the community and to others. Giving to LCPC holds him to his mission and allows him to support an organization that he is passionate about and loves.

Sam Lombardo

I’ve been blessed with four healthy children, and I’ve never had to go through a life-changing situation like the parents at our clinic. I give and volunteer because LCPC is making a difference in the lives of many, many children in South Central Pennsylvania. The professionals know the impact they can have, and that’s why they’re open with their extensive research: so everyone, anywhere can grow and achieve their best potential.

Bunnie Buckwalter

Thank You To Our Generous Supports!

With sincere gratitude, we thank the following donors for their support of our mission with a gift received between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022. This list includes gifts made through the Lancaster County Community Foundation’s 2021 Extraordinary Give.

$100,000 & ABOVE
The Donald B. and Dorothy L.    Stabler Foundation
Sam and Dena Lombardo
AAPD Foundation
CRELS Foundation
Lois Gable Trust
Gamber Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Lititz
Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline    Foundation, Inc.
Reformed Mennonite Church
Allen Family Foundation
Mark and Erin Brinser
Capital Blue Cross
Dentsply Sirona
Craig and Sallie Rhineer
Bunnie Buckwalter
Thomas Hills Cook
Tim and Marcia Hamilton
Livingston Trout and       Mellinger Medical Research   Fund
Abigail L. Longenecker         Memorial Foundation
John and Grace Rosenow
Bill and Julie Ainsworth
Bruce and Christie Alton
Warren and Maralyn     Anderson
Gib and Marti Armstrong
The Benevity Community     Impact Fund
Philip Bonanno
Mary Brubaker
John and Peggy Bryner
Frank Carano
Community Mennonite     Church of Lancaster
Victor DaCosta and Elizabeth     Prada
Robert and Anita Eby
The Fasnacht Family     Foundation
Charles and Kimberly Frey
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Dave and Tammy Hanson
Suzanne High
Le Hinton
Keith and Oksana Hodge
David and Jean Hosler
Lee and Kris Kauffman
Howard Kelin and Maryann     Marotta
Ray and Kathryn Linn
Rusty and Barbara Long
Mary Sachs Charitable Trust
Barbara Michael
Stephan and Mary Anna     Pavlos
J.B. and Sarah Peterman III
Megan Porter
Rotary Club of Lititz
Donald Seifel, Sr.
Craig and Rachel Sharnetzka
Mary Sachs Charitable Trust
Michael and Ani Stull
Ronald and Pat Tweed
Jack Vogel
Duane and Kitty Weiss
Your Cause – MUFG
Abel Fence LLC
AmazonSmile Foundation
Charles and Anna Barry
Bernie and Beth Bostwick
Pete and Meg Brubaker
Fred and Teddie Chairsell
John Clark
Kristin Connors
Jane Cope
Ilene Cottington
Brent Davis
Leah Davis
Ephrata National Bank
Give Local York 2022
Mark Goedecker and Jennifer    Rein
Jerry Hess and Bonnie Zehr
William and Eleanor*     Honaman
Barbara Hoy
IBM Employee Services
Manish and Sara Lamichane
Mark Lewis
Don and Sue Mackay
Linda Mamourian
Mennonite Home     Communities
Paul and Marci Mondock
Network for Good
Stuart and Julie Page
Mark and Cynthia Pontius
Joey Reever and Cathy Henry
Mike Regan
Republican Club of Hanover,     Pennsylvania
Bonnie Rudi
Dave and Lisa Schneider
John and Joan Schreiber
Douglas and Mary Smith
William Smythe
Keith Stewart
Kevin and Liz VanPelt
Mike and Pam Vigunas
Jeffrey and Deborah Weller
Harry and Carol Yost

William and Susan Adams
Beth Ail
John and Ramona Bachman
Robert and Betty Bee
Charles and Anne Besterman
John and Toni Black
Dan and Cindy Blakinger
Alan and Susan Borislow
Robert and Donna Brosbe
Ken and Susan Brown
Raymond Buckwalter and
Daniel Dube
Dorothy Burkhart
Thomas and Gayle Despard
Stephen and Catherine     Donohue
Emily Eberly
Matthew Freedman
David Foulk
Jim and Iris Frey
Shane and Katherine Frey
Joe and Sally Fritz
Robert Gitman
Barbara Goodyear
William and Marcia Hartman
Andrew Heise
Dale and Sadie High
Hillcrest Pharmacy
William and Mary Anne     Hinkson
Lynne Houck
Herman Houtz, Jr.
Grant Keener
Bill and Mary Ellen Kopetz
Becky Lattanzio
Erik and Judy Leppo
Adam and Andrea Martin
Curtis and Joanne Martin
Todd and Mary Melisauskas
Rodney Miller
John and Deb Peterman
Arturo Prada
Dennis Salter
Jay and Mary Sheely
Sharon Swierczewski
United Way of the Capital     Region
Gannon and Shayna Van Allen
Robert and Barbara Walker
Sarah Woodrow
6th Grade Team Optimism     Students
Andy and Carol Aastad
Kevin and Missy Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Jim and Cathy Appel
Allen and Rosanne Ayala
John Backof
Dave and Elaine Baksi
Bruce Baron
Ronald and Joan Beck
Lawrence and Cleo Beckman
Jacob Beiler
Miriam Beiler
Robert and Julia Belser
Danielle Bidus
John and Kristina Bilek
Gloria Blettner
Don and Jackie Brennan
Ellen Brinton
Raymond Bures and Jackie     Brinkman
Jay and Mary Ann Carpenter
Charities Aid Foundation of     America
James and Marilyn Chastek
Yee Seul Chun
Tom and Celine Clouse
Brian Colosi
Mike and Meg Connors
Herbert and Barbara Cooper
William and Susan Cox
Steven and Pat Crognale
Michael Dayhoff and     Kathleen Pale
Bob and Linda Devenney
Vincent and Judith DiObilda
Charles Donald
Trudy Eby
Howard and Evelyn Eckstein
Gale Emery
Ethan Eshbach
Everence Foundation
Exelon Corporation
Frank and Marcia Falcone
Paul and Sandra Farmer
Scott and Laura Fiore
James and Debra Fish
Jean Flanagan
Tom and Elaine Fulmer
David and Beth Gingrich
Give Lively Foundation
Givinga Foundation, Inc.
John and Barbara Good
Laverne Good
Virginia Goodyear and Sandra     Tanger
Lorraine Grier
Robert and Linda Groff
Ruth Groff
Patty Hackman
Scott and Judy Haiges
Sunil and Samantha Hari
Adam and Kristen Heaps
Robert and Elaine Hellyer
David and Allison Henneman
John and Eileen Henry
Dixie Herbert
Le Hinton

William and Cheryl Hoerr
Zoe Horan
Jack and Mary Hostetter
Josh and Amy Housekeeper
Mike and Sue Kennedy
Everett and Joanne Kirchmer
Theresa Kirchner
David and Patty Kisha
Patricia Kline
Benjamin Kling
Scott and Vickie Kreider
Lancaster Salvage Company
James and Elaine Landis
Rob and Alissa Larkin
Jeremy and Cindy Leidy
Christopher Lilley
William Luzzi
Emily Maisto
Amanda Martin
Henry and Carol Mauermeyer
Kim McDevitt
James and Linda McElroy
Roger and Marie McInnes
Mary and Steve McNamara
Donald and Susan Mellinger
Dan and Janet Metzler
Jordan and Anna Metzler
Harry and Pamela Middleton
Darla Miles
Michael and Janis Miller
Robert and Jodi Moore
Michael and Lydia Morgan
Arthur Morris
Mt. Tabor Church of the     Nazarene
James Muiter and Sarah     Wentzel
Dale and Stephanie Nolt
David Pegg
Patricia Pfister
Pledgeling Foundation
Fritz Porter
William and Megan Primavera
Dave Pusey
Jeffrey and Nicole Putt
Sally Raub
Jeremy and Kristy Reeser
Timothy Reuter
Adam Roda
Craig and Dianne Roda
Vincent Rose
Michael and Maureen     Rostolsky
Gerald and Carla Rothacker
Claire Royce
Abby Rudisill
Elizabeth Ruszak
John and Joyce Saeger
Douglas Salter
Gary Sample and Joan     Umberger
John and Janet Schmitt
David and Cathy Santangelo
Jack Sapper
Susan Scott
Gary and Christina Seldomridge
Sesame Temps, Inc.
Roberta Shaub
Vickie Shertzer
Maria Sholly
Robert and Kathy Stanley
Kevin and Lexi Stauffer
Nelson and Joyce Steffy
Charlie and Louise Stickler
Harold and June Summers
Andrew Sorkin
Vernon and Neishma Tudor
Lester Usner
Vision Hope Metropolitan     Community Church
TuyetNga Vu
Philip and Beth Wade
Don and Brenda     Waardenburg
Richard Watson
Steve and Ava Waugh
Roger and Brenda Weaver
Michael and Sandy Wege
Jim and Kathy Wenger
Tom and Anne Wentzel
Peter and Pamela Whallon
Carol Ann Widmayer
Steve and Laurie Wolfe
Chris and Suzanne Woodard
Jesse and Sarah Woodrow
Wayne Work
Nicholas and Catherine Yoder
Mary Yohe
Susan Yourshaw
Gerry Zangari
Mark Zettlemoyer
David and Claudia Zug

James Alton
Robert and Jo Andrews
Anonymous (2)
Richard Ashby
Donald Barnett
Kathleen Bashista
Lawrence and Kristy Beckman
Walter and Mary Zoe Bilski
John and Diane Bingaman
Rebecca Bissonnette
Tracy Bosis
John and Joanne Bowman
Randy and Tina Bowman
Angela Breidenstein
Rob Camargo and Carrie     Breyer
Terry and Margaret Carper
Linda Chastain
Larry and Lori Ciarrocca
Community Foundation of     Greater Des Moines
Robert and Patricia Courtois
David and Karen Drevyanko
Mark and Sarah Fetterman
Scott and Peg Garber
Ross and Courtland Gardner
Scott and Traceylyn Gardner
John Gerdy
Theresa Graybill
Gerald and Aurora Green
Karen Henry
Justin and Emily Herbert
Pete and Rachel Higgins
Bruce Hirte
Stacy Hollinger Main
Lyn Horning
James and Alace     Humphreville
Wayne and Sheila Iskra
Maureen Izer
Ram Jain
Lauren Jones
Kevin and Katie Kelly
Scott and Cathryn Ketterman
James and Barbara Kiso
Victor Lawrence
Tina Little
Larry and Barbara Loughner
Beverly Ludwig
Mike and CJ MaGilton
Frederick and Marjorie Majka
Myra Malkin
Dennis Martin
Edward and Deborah Martin     and Michele Krah
Sandra Martin
Elizabeth Masland
Carl and Deb McKinney
Rod and Abby Messick
Robert Metz
Julie Meyers
Mike and Kristin Miller
Amy Minoski
Nancy Minoski
Gail Morrison-Hall
Jaime Moyer
Caren Mullner
The Nestor Charitable     Foundation
Stacy Neylon
Pete and Marlene Null
Lee Ober
Matthew and Adrienne     O’Brien
Kristen Ottens
Isabelle Ouyang
Paul and Suzanne Petersen
Denise Polin
Katherine Prada
Katie Richards
Tim and Sue Roehm
John Rohrer
John and Patricia Rohrer
Marsha Rosenberg
Peter and Laura Rothacker
David and Ana Salter
Akbar Samii
Kathleen Smith
Kenneth and Phyllis Stine
Theresa Thomas
Philip and Beth Wade
Brendon and Andrea Weaver
Jennifer Wolfe
Gregory Woods

Up to $50
Jeffrey Akers
Megan Allen
The Alpha and Omega     Button Club
Anonymous (4)
John and Ramona Bachman
Elaine Bair
Ann Barber
Danielle Berger
Damian and Patricia Birchess
Susan Bowman
Jeremy and Lindsay Case
Victoria Chastain
Victoria Coniglio
Mary Dale
Robert and Louise Devall
Janice Estabrook
Karen Fegley
Devon Fiore
Calvin Flury, Jr.
Lynn Foulk
Jacqueline and John Foust
Mary Freisher
Tim Frey
Daren and Jacqueline     Gehman
Karla Grapes
Gary and Christine Groff
Jordan Gunselman
Lisa Gurkin
Judy Harding
Carolyn Hart
Alan Hawkins
Dawna Henn
Gail Henry
Marguerite Hill
Brenda Hohman
Chris Horne
Grace House
Mike and Lexi Hutto
Richard Kent
David and Christine King
Zena Korba
Barry and Carol Kornhauser
Jacqueline Kramer
Stephanie Kraynak
Jill Longchamp
Walt and Marcia Maloney
Sarah McGinley
Angela Meyer
Virginia Mullin
Andrew and Kay Myers
Randy Narvaez-Ruiz
Dena Neff
PayPal Giving Fund
Gary and Helen Powell
Julia Prosser
Mark and Julie Richards
Ronald and Denisha Roberts
Jenny Rodriguez
Vincent Rose
Donna Ross
Cara Sawyer
John Scafidi
Brian and Alicia Schmude
Travis and Amber Schnader
George Schroen
Shelley Schwartz
Jack and Beth Mary Shenk
MaryJo Shollenberger
Dan and Sue Sigman
Kelli Snyder
Don and Kim Stoner
Krista Templin
Paul Thompson
Tracey Turner
Kelly Underhill
Joan Vick
Claudette Walker
Andrea Weaver
Diann Weller
Nicholas and Nicki Williams
Harry and Joan Wirth
Holly Wismer
Sarah Wright
Marcy Wyatt
Sheri Yohe
Ashley Zell

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