Speech and Language Pathology

Speech and Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathologist’s (SLPs) at the clinic will help evaluate your child’s specific needs in regards to their resonance (nasal sound energy) and speech-language development in order to provide the appropriate resources and determine the best course of action for your child. Our services are available from birth throughout adulthood.


Team Speech-Language Evaluations

Our speech team will provide evaluations of speech-language development and resonance on team days. We provide resources and parent education on how to best promote speech-language development, from as early as eight months of age throughout adolescence. As expressive language begins to develop, we will closely monitor the child’s articulation and velopharyngeal dysfunction (inadequate palate function).

Speech Therapy

The clinic is now offering speech-language therapy with an emphasis on treating articulation disorders and cleft-specific speech sound errors as well as language disorders. Our SLP has extra training to recognize and treat specific problems caused by a cleft palate and/or hearing loss. Children born with a cleft palate may need speech-language therapy to help with problems such as articulation and resonance disorders. Therapy will usually focus on:

  • Establish correct articulation (placement, manner, and voicing) using articulation therapy techniques.
  • Ensure there is good oral pressure during sound production.
  • Establish new motor speech patterns that replace speech sound errors.

Please contact the clinic if interested is getting your child enrolled in speech therapy.


Most patients will be seen every 6 months to a year to monitor speech-language development and resonance until the child has completed their orthognathic treatment. If speech therapy is needed, we will usually see them once a week for therapy.

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