Prenatal Consult and Infant Feeding Support

Prenatal Consult and Infant Feeding Support

We have a team of dedicated professionals who work closely together to ensure your child and family have the education and support necessary to help your child grow and thrive. We will work closely with your family in the first year of your child’s life to make sure that all of your needs are met.

Prenatal and Pre-Adoption Consult

We offer a free prenatal or pre-adoption consult with our team’s social worker and feeding specialist that is designed to educate families on caring for a child with a cleft lip and/or palate. This meeting focuses on the importance of team care, early feeding methods, and other available support services. This consultation also introduces the expectations for future treatments and the timeline of care. The goal of this consultation is for families to realize they have a team of providers who will support and guide them along the cleft care journey.

Infant Care

Feeding support and developmental care is of great importance during your child’s first year of life. Our pediatric providers and feeding specialist will meet with you and your family to ensure your child is feeding and growing well during this important time. The structure and frequency of these visits will vary based on your child’s diagnosis, surgical plan, and overall needs. If any additional concerns arise, we will work closely with you and your pediatrician or other medical providers.

Frequency of Appointments

We hope to meet with you and your child in the first two weeks following your child’s arrival. Following that visit, there will be some standard appointments when your child is around 3, 6, and 9 months of age where we will continue to focus on any feeding and developmental needs. If concerns are noted, additional visits may be necessary. Appointments may also be coordinated with your child’s plastic surgeon for pre- and post-operative check-ins. While these appointments may feel frequent, our goal is to ensure that you and your child are prepared for the planned course of treatment.


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