Health Update

Health Update
Dear Patients, Families and Friends of the Clinic,

We are working hard to get ready to serve you at the clinic again. Many exciting changes are in the works to improve safety in light of our new reality.

We are planning to begin limited team services by the end of May, pending the lifting of the stay-at-home order for Lancaster County. Appointment priority will be given to new infants, urgent needs, and patients with upcoming surgical care requiring in-person evaluation. We will also continue to utilize Telehealth where appropriate to limit the number of in-person appointments required for team care.

We have made a significant investment in engineering changes to our building and clinical spaces. We are installing an air exchange system that filters and replaces room air twelve times per hour. This means that clean air will be pumped into the room continuously and removed every 5 minutes. Second, we have invested in HEPA filtration units that also incorporate UV-C light sterilization and carbon filtration to further clean and sterilize air where patients are seen.

We will be screening each and every person who enters our building for temperature and symptoms of illness. All patients will be screened by phone prior to their appointment and again when they arrive.

Social distancing will be in effect, and use of our waiting room will be restricted. Patients or their guardian should call the clinic when they arrive, and a staff member will screen and escort them into the building. We kindly ask that parents do not bring non-patient siblings to an appointment. One parent may accompany each child patient into the building for an appointment.

Enhanced PPE will be utilized by all of our staff. We request that all patients over age 3 and parents wear their own mask. Masks will be provided for those who do not have one.

There is nothing more important to us than the safety and health of our patients, families and staff. At this time, we are still under a State Mandate prohibiting us from providing elective dental care. We are anxiously awaiting guidance on when we can offer these services again.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic at 717-394-3793 if you have an urgent or emergency need.


Elizabeth Prada, DMD, MPH
Executive Director